MJH Life Sciences Wins Top Workplaces Award

August 18, 2023
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August 18, 2023 Christina

MJH Life Sciences Wins Top Workplaces Award

Daria Briggs (Marketing Coordinator) interviewing Mike Hennessy Jr. (President and CEO) on MJH Life Sciences winning the Top Workplaces Award



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Hello, I’m Daria Briggs, a marketing coordinator at MJH life sciences. And I’m about to interview our president and CEO Michael J. Hennessy Jr. on winning the 2023 top workplaces award. Watch this video to see his reaction and vision for the future.



So it was recently announced that MJH Life Sciences was awarded a top workplace in the USA award. What does an award like this mean to you personally, and the MJH Life Sciences organization?



Yeah, the first and foremost this is an award we’re really, really happy to have been recognized with and we really want to just recognize the associates here within MJH. Those are the individuals that participated in the poll that were able to openly speak about their thoughts on the organization. But furthermore, those are the individuals that have set the tone for who we are today. They’re really driving the culture that we have established within MJH. And the culture that we have is based off of our spirit acronym, which stands for service oriented, passion for winning, innovation, respect, integrity, as well as teamwork. I think it goes the other two ways on the I’s there. But, you know, when we look at it, I think one of the things that really has helped us become who we are today is that teamwork aspect. When we look at like a shoot today, there’s several different components of the organization that come together. And that’s really who’s made us who we are today.



You became CEO of MJH Life Sciences in 2019. The company has grown leaps and bounds and essentially tripled in size since then, with the growth of MJH through partnerships, acquisitions and the hiring of new employees, what is your vision for the future of the company’s culture?



That’s a great question. The last several years have been really good to us as an organization, you’re we’re primed for growth headed into the pandemic. And the pandemic certainly did not slow us down, as we were fortunate to add, you know, more than 100 positions to the organization that year alone. But as I’m looking forward to the future, some of the key things that I think will set us apart are individuals that are really passionate, passionate about what they do day in and day out, passionate about health care as a whole. Individuals that, like us possess that growth mindset that are growth oriented within their career growth oriented within their own positions that they hold day in and day out. And then beyond that individuals that really want to challenge the status quo. Technology is something that is more prominent today than ever before. So how can we use technology to drive decision making within our operation, whether it’s from a data perspective, or an operational perspective, so I think those are all key ingredients to driving us to where we want to be in the next five to seven years.



So, with my short time working at MJH Life Sciences thus far, the first thing I took note of is not only how dedicated and hardworking the employees are, but how everyone works with a smile on their face. I say I look forward to coming to work every day, because I know I will always learn something new. But it helps that I’m surrounded by coworkers, role models and friends, who all have the same goal in mind the success of MJH Life Sciences Did you picture MJH life sciences to one day receive such an impressive award based off employee experience?



When I first started, I think the culture inside our organization was a lot different. I think the passion for winning was something that really drove my father. And then as I was able to take over what he had established, it was something I really wanted to focus on shift and a little bit why passion for winning it’s probably something that is paramounted in my life. I think the respect and the teamwork, and some of those other aspects are extremely important. So being able to carry through the workday and have a smile on your face, I think is an important aspect, something that I’ve actively worked in strive to build on my life. But looking at the rest of the organization, I think it’s something that we’re extremely proud to be able to see. But furthermore, just to be able to see the growth in some of the associates that were here with me when I had first started and how they’ve excelled within their career. So, I think it’s an important aspect.



MJH Life Sciences has been a family owned business for several decades. What does family mean to you as you carry on the legacy of MJH Life Sciences into the next generation?



Yeah, so family now probably means more to me today than it did if you asked me this question two years ago. So, you know, as I’ve had the ability to carry forth, my father’s legacy is probably one of the biggest things that to me, drives me day in and day out here at MJH. You know, when I’m looking at some of the different challenges that I face, I sit there and think what would my old man do in this type of situation, how would he handle this? So that really drives me and I think hopefully it will drive others and continuing to grow here within MJH.



For new graduates, and those looking for a new career opportunity. Why should they choose MJH life sciences? And do you have any advice for them?



It’s a great question. So, in terms of advice, I think the biggest thing I’d say for anybody newly entering the workforce is don’t be afraid to fail. We’ve all had those moments in our lives. And I think those are the greatest learning opportunities. So that’s the first thing I would say. And then for those that are looking to potentially join an organization such as ours, you know, obviously having a growth mindset, the ability to challenge the status quo be a little bit more of a challenger, if you will, are two key things that I would look for and beyond that, somebody that really wants to excel within their career.



So, it’s been an absolute pleasure to sit down with you and thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.



Thank you, appreciate it.

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