Highlighting insights from key opinion leaders in the oncology field, ONCOLOGY® and CancerNetwork® produce articles, peer perspectives, videos, podcasts, and interactive content that translate into clinical applications for today’s practicing oncologist.


Combining a full suite of media products, including its industry-leading website, CUREtoday.com; innovative video programs, such as “CURE Connections®”; a series of widely attended live events; and CURE® magazine, which reaches more than 1 million readers, CURE Media Group is the leading resource for patients with cancer and survivors.


OncLive® is the leading print and digital platform of resources that offers oncology professionals the information they need to provide the best patient care. OncLive® covers every angle of oncology practice, from new technology to treatment advances to important regulatory decisions.


Highlighting insights from key opinion leaders in oncology, ONCOLOGY® and CancerNetwork® produce articles, peer perspectives, videos, podcasts, and interactive content that translate into clinical applications for today’s practicing oncologist.


Oncology Nursing News® provides oncology nurses with the resources and information they need to provide the best patient care.


Targeted Oncology provides breaking news and updates on this burgeoning field, focusing on the next stage of cancer development, cutting-edge therapies, and biological targets. Content is organized by tumor type, news, and conference coverage.



CGTlive provides health care professionals with breaking news and insights from top clinical and industry experts at the forefront of genetic and cellular medicines in order to help improve patient outcomes. CGTlive offers direct access to the latest on cell, gene, regenerative, and engineered medicines, including conference coverage and clinical trial insights on cell and gene therapy treatments in oncology, hematology, neurology, ophthalmology, and lysosomal disorders, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for health care professionals, including video interviews and panel discussions with top experts in the field.


Contagion® provides timely news to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases.


As a peer-reviewed journal providing practical information for doctors by doctors, Contemporary OB/GYN®  provides expert advice for obstetricians and gynecologists, with content reflecting the critical thinking of top-tier physician-authors, delivered in concise, compelling, and practical articles.


Contemporary Pediatrics features relevant clinical and peer reviewed articles, summarized guideline updates, and sensible practice management tips that pediatricians can read today and apply tomorrow.


As a multimedia platform for dermatologists, Dermatology Times®  provides regulatory and clinical updates in addition to practice management solutions. Content is designed to enhance the knowledge of industry professionals by providing them with the latest news and trends in dermatologic procedures, therapy, technology, products, and drugs.


As an omnichannel resource for radiology administrators, practicing radiologists, and radiologic staff, Diagnostic Imaging® provides text, video, and audio content in the key areas affecting daily practice, including current information on CT, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, mammography, and facility management news and developments.


Showcasing the latest clinical research and expert perspectives related to the practice of endocrinology, Endocrinology Network’s ® digital platform includes a special focus on the prevention and management of diabetes, as well as a community where endocrinologists and diabetes care specialists can stay up-to-date on the specialty.


As the comprehensive clinical news and information portal for physicians and other health care professionals, HCPLive® provides access to up-to-date specialty- and disease-specific resources.


Addressing the most pertinent infection prevention principles and practices, Infection Control Today® specializes in content for health care professionals working in the infection control, sterile processing, and environmental services departments and operating rooms of acute-care hospitals.


Modern Retina®  provides retinal physicians (and ophthalmologists with an interest in the segment) with the latest innovations in the areas of retinal surgery, clinical information, research, pharmaceutical advancements, technology, and even practice management.


A multimedia platform for health care professionals treating neurological diseases, NeurologyLive® delivers direct access to practice-changing news and expert insights from top medical conferences and researchers to improve the lives of patients with neurological diseases.


Offering ophthalmology professionals digital resources they can use to help provide the best patient care, Ophthalmology Times® aims to provide content to positively affect the identification, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of regressive eye health.


Offering international ophthalmology professionals the digital resources they need to help provide the best patient care, Ophthalmology Times Europe® aims to provide content to positively affect the identification, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of regressive eye health.


The leading source of breaking news, news analysis, and emerging research reports in optometry, Optometry Times® disseminates practical content by optometrists for optometrists that can be immediately applied to improve the clinical experience.


Practical Cardiology™ provides timely reporting and commentary on the science and clinical practice of cardiovascular medicine.


Featuring timely, clinical, and practical cutting-edge content catered to clinicians and allied health professionals, Psychiatric Times is the voice of psychiatry. The multimedia platform curates content written by and for mental health care physicians and professionals.


As an online community that provides news about advances in rheumatology and fosters discussions among physicians and health care professionals who treat patients with rheumatic disease, Rheumatology Network™ offers news summaries, feature stories, and Q&A discussions for medical professionals in this field.


Providing readers with clinical analysis, policy perspectives, and practical advice to improve their practice, Urology Times® is the No. 1 read publication reaching the full spectrum of specialists treating urologic disorders.



Consultant Live® provides the most up to date breaking news, as it’s happening across the cardiology, endocrinology, dermatology, geriatrics, and psychiatry industries.


Delivering physicians expert advice, shared experiences, and resources to succeed in today’s practice environment, and the highest-ranked practice management publication in the market, Medical Economics® covers topics including primary care, the business of medicine, and health information technology.


Patient Care® provides state-of-the-art information surrounding primary care medicine. The digital platform shares peer-reviewed articles on key topics encountered in clinical practice, as well as focused, quick reads featuring diagnostic quizzes and color photos.


Since 1989, Physicians Practice® has been a leading, nationally recognized practice management resource. Content is designed to help physicians and practice administrators effectively manage the operation and business of their practice.



The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®) is a multimedia, peer-reviewed, Medline-indexed journal that keeps industry leaders on the forefront of health policy by sharing digital research relevant to industry decision makers.


The Center for Biosimilars® is the online resource for emerging technologies, with a focus on improving critical thinking in the field to affect patient outcomes. We discuss the current landscape for advanced health care management—reviewing emerging treatment paradigms, approaches, and considerations—all by authoritative industry voices.


Committed to sharing best practices, cutting-edge solutions, and innovative thinking, Chief Healthcare Executive is the preeminent multimedia resource for C-suite and procurement decision makers spanning a variety of systems of care focused on efficiency, patient outcomes, and profitability.


A monthly peer-reviewed drug management journal, Formulary Watch® provides timely, accurate, and practical drug-related topical news.


Delivering analysis, insights, and value-driven healthcare solutions to executives at health plans and provider organizations, Managed Healthcare Executive® informs and updates professionals on all the industry changes and innovations.


The Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) provides valuable research, education, and a forum to advance best practices and drive marketplace changes to improve pharmacy benefit and control costs.



The industry-leading multimedia pharmacy network of community, health system, oncology and specialty pharmacy platforms, Pharmacy Times® provides practical, clinical, and professional information that pharmacists can use in their day-to-day practice when counseling patients and interacting with other health care providers.


For more than 100 years, Drug Topics® has been reporting on issues related to retail, community, and health systems pharmacists. Drug Topics® serves as a multimedia platform and is the go-to digital resource for the rapidly evolving field of pharmacy.


As a full-service media platform, Total Pharmacy® is designed to redefine the value and standards of retail pharmacy by providing trusted content and actionable business solutions to drive measurable change in health care delivery.



Applied Clinical Trials® is the global, peer-reviewed journal that covers the process of managing clinical trials at the intersection where pharmaceutical product developers meet the strictly regulated medical researchers who test their new drugs.


Integrating the science and business of biopharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing, BioPharm International® is a multimedia, peer-reviewed resource on technical solutions to help biopharmaceutical professionals succeed in their work.


Cannabis Patient Care™ magazine is an educational resource for patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, and advocates on the latest research, benefits, and treatment options cannabis provides for a variety of illnesses. Our mission is to educate the medical community treatment options with cannabis and inform them of the ongoing research into cannabis and cannabinoids worldwide.


With a focus on education for the legal cannabis industry surrounding the science and technology of analytical testing and quality control, Cannabis Science and Technology® provides relevant information and tutorials for all members of the cannabis industry.


As the largest global chromatography multimedia platform dedicated to the separation sciences, LCGC® delivers practical information that can help laboratory professionals become more proficient in the use of chromatographic techniques and instrumentation, making laboratories more productive and businesses around the world more successful.

Medical Device and Technology logo

Medical Device and Technology covers the intersection of regulated digital solutions, pharma and healthcare. By providing news, articles, Q&A’s, case studies and other media, our content keeps our audience of medical device, digital health, pharma, and healthcare professionals up-to-date and informed.


Nutritional Outlook® is the industry’s No. 1 resource for news and insights on dietary supplements, healthy foods, and beverages. An award-winning business-to-business resource, Nutritional Outlook® provides manufacturers with news on nutrition and healthy ingredients.


Pharmaceutical Commerce® is written for biopharma commercial executive decision makers focusing on business processes and the technologies involved in how approved drugs go to market. We help improve collaboration between management professionals with the goal of reducing the cost of commercial operations.


Offering news, opinions, analysis, features, and executive profiles, Pharmaceutical Executive® serves as a forum for industry leaders to exchange opinions, experiences, and insights about innovative business and marketing ideas, strategies, and tactics.


As the leading multimedia information source for bio/pharmaceutical professionals worldwide, Pharmaceutical Technology® provides expert, independent insight on the formulation, development, analysis, and manufacture of solid dosage, semi-solid, parenteral, biologic, specialty-dosage, vaccines, and emerging therapies, covering ingredients, regulations, contract services, and new technologies.


Through peer-reviewed articles, tutorials, webinars, and more, Spectroscopy® aims to enhance productivity, efficiency, and the overall value of spectroscopic instruments and methods as a practical analytical technology across a variety of fields.


Since 1959, Turbomachinery International® has addressed the day-to-day challenges and issues facing user-oriented engineers, operators, managers, designers, maintenance people, and specifiers of turbomachinery worldwide. As the oldest multimedia platform addressing the needs of professionals within this industry, Turbomachinery International® strives to keep professionals informed on the latest technologies and best practices.



As a complementary resource to Dental Products Report®, Dental Lab Products® serves as the product-centered, techniques-based content provider to steer lab businesses toward success.


As a complementary resource to Dental Products Report®, Dental Practice Management® focuses on the products, technologies, materials, services, and workflows advancing oral care. The content is aimed at dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, office managers, laboratory technicians, and the executives running group practices and labs.


Aiming to provide dentists with comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased information across the spectrum of specialties, Dental Products Report® provides readers with quality editorial content such as peer reviews, technique guides, and articles on the latest advances in equipment, materials, supplies, and services in the dental industry.


As a complementary resource to Dental Products Report®, Dentist’s Money Digest® educates dental professionals about the options and opportunities they have for their practices and patients and provides unbiased, in-depth reporting on every aspect of the dental industry.


Modern Hygienist™ offers a holistic approach to dentistry, highlighting new and upcoming advancements that shape the industry. We offer an in-depth look into the world of the modern hygienist and how these dental professionals trying to improve patient care.



dvm360®, the leading media content provider in the veterinary market, has been in operation for more than 30 years and provides readers with top-of-the-line digital and print content that focuses on every aspect of a veterinary professional’s life. dvm360® also hosts continuing education conferences that provide a 360-degree educational engagement experience for veterinary professionals.

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