Benefits of Partaking in an Internship Program

April 29, 2022
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April 29, 2022 Admin

Benefits of Partaking in an Internship Program

The start of MJH Life Sciences® 2022 Summer Internship Program is rapidly approaching. On June 6th, we will be welcoming over twenty college students to our organization for three months to gain firsthand experience at the largest privately held medical communications company in North America. Internships are an integral part of a student’s transition to working professional. Our article aims to highlight the principal benefits of partaking in an internship program.

Learning through experience

    • An internship gives students the opportunity to work in the industry they wish to enter. Our program allows interns to “shadow” a given department; they will sit in on departmental and client meetings and assist coordinators with important projects. This exposure will help them enhance their skill set and gain a deeper understanding of medical communications.

Reflecting on career aspirations

    • An internship also allows students to learn about themselves as employees. They should take time to evaluate the experience and pinpoint the pros and cons of the job and the organization. This will give them a clearer perspective about the type of job they want to pursue. Questions interns should ask themselves include:
      • What tasks do I enjoy the most?
      • Do I like this type of environment?
      • Do I have a passion for the clients and projects on which I’m working

Expanding their network

    • An internship will introduce students to many different people. Whether with coworkers or clients, it is important that interns establish relationships with those they meet. Building a network will help students maintain industry connections and learn about future job opportunities. We recommend that interns take down the information of the people they meet, so they can reach out to them via LinkedIn.

Building a résumé

    • An internship is one of the best ways students can improve their CVs. It is paramount that they can articulate their role and responsibilities in the program and thus showcase acquired skills on their résumé. We also suggest that interns ask their managers for a letter of recommendation at the conclusion of the internship, so they have one handy when they apply for a job.