Beth Buehler

Chief Operating Officer

Beth Buehler, MBA, is a distinguished leader in the digital media industry, currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of MJH Life Sciences. Buehler’s primary focus at MJH is to enable the company’s continued growth by building scaled organizational structures, streamlined processes and an effective technology architecture, as well as optimizing the cost structure of the business.  With more than 25 years of experience across renowned companies like WebMD, Hearst, Rodale Inc., Getty Images, and Dow Jones, Buehler is widely recognized for her expertise in building and expanding digital businesses. She possesses a strong skill set in P&L management, organizational design, technology architecture, and data-driven product development. Buehler’s strategic acumen, coupled with her successful track record in mergers and acquisitions, highlights her ability to foster growth and navigate complex global organizations. Beyond her executive roles, Buehler is actively involved in industry advancement and community engagement, having served on the boards of Keep America Beautiful, Rutherford F.C., Digital Content Next and MPA – The Association of Magazine Media.

Favorite sports team: Manchester City
Favorite movie: “Tommy Boy”
Favorite place to unwind: On the beach or on the mountain.
Favorite food: Grandma Vodka Pizza