Medical World News®, a first-of-its-kind 24-hour online program for health care professionals, by health care professionals. Our goal is to provide video editorial content on a variety of cutting-edge topics delivered through a livestream and on demand for all health care stakeholders, offering the latest news and information in an easily digestible, one-stop-shop format.

Medical World News® features a combination of live and on-demand viewing options. The live programs range from key opinion leaders discussing cases to personal stories and interviews with doctors about their hidden talents. Medical World News® offers a mix of clinical, business, well-being, and specialty content, always leading the industry in news coverage.

From Second Opinion to Deep Dive to Inside Practice, Medical World News® has no shortage of content, and we’re here to share some of the top weekly pieces of content here with you.

MWN Highlights of the Week

Second Opinion: Tackling COVID Vaccine Opt-Outs

In this episode of "Second Opinion," Dr. Marc Rosenberg and licensed veterinary technician and certified practice manager and consultant Bash Halow talk about how to best approach staff members that opt against being vaccinated for COVID-19.

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After Hours: Team USA Physician

Dr. Naresh Rao joins "After Hours" to discuss how he got involved in becoming a Team USA Physician for the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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Behind the Science: Behind Psychedelic Medicine for Mental Health

Researchers describe the potential for cannabis and psychedelic medicine to effectively address different mental health issues through unique pathways that other medications may be less capable of targeting.

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