Debunking the Misconceptions of Sales

February 9, 2023
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February 9, 2023 Admin

Debunking the Misconceptions of Sales

Bailey Clapp, National Accounts Manager

Eye Care Network


I remember boarding an airplane when I was 8 years old for our long-awaited, once-a-year family vacation and passing all the grown-ups dressed in suits sitting in the first class at the front of the plane. My memory includes one woman in heels reviewing notes from a folder, a gentleman asking a flight attendant to hang his suit jacket in the coat closet, and another man tapping away on his laptop a few minutes before the plane pulled away from its gate. Why was first class always consumed by those in pin-striped suits, ties, and carting expensive luggage? What did these people do for a living?




Fast forward 16 years, and I have come face-to-face with the same type of people who occupied first class then, only now I am one of them, jotting down a thought or sending out an email before the plane taxis the runway. In my 2.5 years in business development, I have also encountered the stigmas that can come with being a salesperson, but I can confidently say that at MJH Life Sciences®, a successful salesperson looks


The Basic Principles


When we have a positive work environment, this allows us to be positive and purposeful with our clients. For example, if you take the time to get to know your customer and customize a solution to their needs that will yield the most bang for their buck, this is showing them that you value their business. With that approach, you will be better suited to provide short-term solutions for long-term relationships. People buy from people they like. The most valuable currency for a salesperson is trust. Tailor your recommendations to your client based on the nature of their needs and not the bottom line for your quota.


We can look at dining in a restaurant as an example. Someone is more likely to be a repeat customer at a restaurant where their server has recommended a dish based on tastes and preferences rather than expense. This establishes trust with the patron. People will be more likely to return because the server was honest and provided a suggestion that they may even give to their own family member; the server has not just nickel-and-dimed the patron for the most expensive entree. People want to be made aware of the best recommendation based on their needs, and this does not necessarily mean the most expensive option.


By gaining trust from your clients, you will build a book of business where they are  picking up the phone and calling you. They are also more likely to refer friends and colleagues, which can ensure a steady line of prospects. A career in sales doesn’t have to look like a four-by-four cubicle with the phone staring back at you all day. At MJH Life Sciences®, a career in sales could mean you’ll be in the next cohort of business professionals boarding first class with a roundtrip ticket in hand to your next adventure.