Gain exclusive access to the industry’s leading healthcare and life sciences first-party data platform.

The MJH Life Sciences® audience marketplace grants exclusive access to our premium first-party publisher healthcare and life sciences data. Our preferred marketplace facilitates direct, guaranteed, and/or private relationships among the MJH Life Sciences® brand portfolio and participating advertisers. Whether you are looking to target high-value HCP stakeholders or patient prospects, identify your organization’s most relevant audiences and deliver a message that resonates with them. Allow the MJH Life Sciences® catalog of audience segments to guide your omnichannel approach.

Key benefits for advertisers include:

MJH Audience MarketPlace

Self-Serve Platform

Convenience is of the utmost importance for organizations of all sizes.

MJH Audience MarketPlace


Take advantage of higher levels of control, increased flexibility, and ways to maximize revenue with a efficient strategy planning and delivery platform.

MJH Audience MarketPlace

Brand Reputation

As the largest privately held, independent, full-service medical media company in North America with 60+ trusted brands and nearly 1,000 live and virtual events each year, MJH Life Sciences® collects and process 5.7 million customer interactions daily.

MJH Audience MarketPlace

Enriched Audience Segmentations

Utilizing the best-in-class data aggregation practices, MJH Life Sciences® curates and pushes unique and permissioned rich first-party data audience segments to marketplaces on the open exchange.

MJH Audience MarketPlace

Ad Fraud Prevention

The MJH Life Sciences® audience marketplace offers the most relevant, conversion-priming attributes to a buyer’s desired audience segment, diminishing the likelihood of misinterpretations of ad data.

MJH Audience MarketPlace

100% Verified, Opt-in Audiences

Following best practices, our validated audiences ensure maximum engagement, while decreasing the risks of rejection.

For more information on the MJH Life Sciences® audience marketplace please contact [email protected].

Custom DMP Segments

Create custom, data-driven audiences to propel the success of your media campaign. Collaborate with the data experts on the MJH Life Sciences® audience marketplace team to begin delivering messages to your preferred DSP based on interests, affinities, and real-time content consumption.

Curated PMPs

For easy access to media buyers, MJH Life Sciences® has created tailored PMPs for optimal conversion performance. Utilizing our exclusive audience segments and premium publisher inventory, our curated PMPs offer a turnkey solution to help you reach your targets.

Don’t see your DSP, reach out to [email protected] for custom DMP or curated PMP’s.

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